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What Our Clients Are Saying

"After accidentally witnessing some unspeakable practices that were going on behind closed doors by my then employer, my life was turned utterly upside down. 

Being a person of deep faith in God, I told them what they were doing was heinous and inhuman and they would not be able to get away with it. I had no idea what that would cost me. 

The same night, I had a group of men in a dark colored car break into my house and I barely escaped with my life. After that for almost a year I was literally on the run for my life - never able to stay put in one place for more than a day or two.

I was able to maintain contact with only a very few trusted friends and they helped me despite great personal risk.

Almost a year went by, I was running out of money and becoming desperate.

It was then that one of my friends came into contact with a woman she knew who knew Anja.  I was out of options and though her work sounded quite “out there”, I agreed to give it a try.

Her methods were unconventional and I had never heard of Shamanic Healing before, but I cannot argue that it can produce incredible results.  Over the next six months that we worked together, I managed to find a safe haven where I could stay. I found legal representation that led to my successfully suing my former employer.

I have since written a bestselling book about my experiences and now have a successful career helping people in similar circumstances by giving them counselling and support and finding legal representation if needed.

Anja’s work helped me do what I thought would be impossible. I am immensely grateful to God for bringing Anja and her Shamanic Healing into my life.

I would recommend her services with all of my heart."

- M.L. B., Florida, USA


"Since I started taking the course with Anja, I have noticed I am able to read the energy of my clients even more deeply than ever before. It’s uncanny, like I can read their thoughts and my empathy is higher than ever before. 

Yesterday, the day after the course ended, I did 6 clients in one day – it was like I was in flow. 

I wasn’t tired at all as I normally would be. 

I also feel I engage clients from a higher spiritual perspective now, I am able to be objective and not engage people out of “rescue mode”. I have always had a good connection with my clients but I can see a direct relationship between taking this course and this incredible increase in my empathy and understanding on a level I have not gotten to before." 

-R. D., Toronto, Canada


"Anja, I have developed a sudden crisis in the area of my left kidney, I am asking for your help. Could I please have a Shamanic healing session with you?"

(Following the session)

"Dearest Anja- I am now up and about and feeling the healing. Words cannot describe the depth of my gratitude for this wonderful boost. My spouse and I have often talked lately about the idea that my unconscious fears are rooted in my ancestry. 

You are such a beautiful, Soul-filled healer. My eternal gratitude to you and blessings to you and your circle of love.

I am also happy to share that,(after your healing session) not only do I feel no pain in that kidney area, I also feel light, free, optimistic, and wonderful all over, about the present AND the future! 


- H. O., South Carolina, USA


"My primary problem is long term insomnia with recent bowel issues. Can you please help?

(Following the session)

"Dearest Anja -- WOW WOW WOW.!  The work you did for me has come forth in layers.  I’m sleeping much better.

The block to keep pursuing my creativity has disappeared!  I was told, "You don't need to fear. You have been given a gift.  Now USE it!" 2019 will be a phenomenal year for me too. 

 Highest blessings to you, your guides, masters and all of our Angels.

- V. O., South Carolina, USA


"I have had 5 sessions with Anja and have registered for one of her online courses. 

After working with Anja, I was able to let go of some paralyzing patterns and focus on my business much more productively. 

Anja is absolutely phenomenal, a humble "vampire slayer". 

No fluff here, no fancy photo shoots, Anja is the real deal. She will clear up your energy field and any non earthly attachments like nobody's business. 

She travels through the dimensions like someone who has been doing this for many many lifetimes. Her gifts are so immense, it's hard to put words to it. I highly recommend her service. 

- J. A., Montreal, Canada

At the end of the year, I felt hopeless due to the existence of certain patterns that kept me from moving forward.  Not only was Anja able to identify them, but she also removed them and was able to explain why it had happened.  

With Anja's help, I was able to shine and release many karmic obstacles that were previously in my way. 

In addition to her shamanic work, she has assisted & educated me in energetic protection and is always available to provide support when needed.  

I would highly recommend anyone to Anja Sagan - a true Lightworker and an exceptional kind & compassionate soul.

- S. J., Toronto, Canada

My relationship was in trouble, my work situation was bad and I really felt stuck. Anja helped two of my friends make it through very painful breakups and they both recommended her.

She worked with me for about a month, maybe a bit longer. We would meet on Zoom once a week and she did Shamanic work with me I think it was three times. 

My relationship ended and I thought the world had come to an end. 

It was an awful thing to go through, losing him but her compassion and support helped me get through the worst of it. 

The healing work was so powerful it was amazing. I could literally feel the energy moving around in me when she and her guides were working on me. I even saw the things she only told me about later.

Now I refuse to keep settling for breadcrumbs and fooling myself into thinking I can be nourished and sustained by a partner who only takes. I'm ready for some serious nutrition and substance with someone who will meet me as my equal. I have started my own business doing what I love to do and I feel like I'm going somewhere now. I really changed my life around during that month or so we worked together. 

Thanks Anja for showing me the love and compassion I've been needing so deeply, it gives me hope and strength. You have been such a blessing in my life.

All I can say is Anja you're brilliant. Every moment you share is GOLD because of the work you do. 

Keep doing what you do!

- S. M., Boulder, CO, USA

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Seasons Of Freedom - 1 Year Online Intensive  (with in-person retreat at the end)

A deep, intimate & nurturing group experience with a maximum 10 to 12 participants, we delve deeply into full dream-life & soul's purpose work, using the powerful energies of the seasons, deep ancestral clearing, journey work & coaching to bring them into reality on a far deeper level.

This work involves both established practices as well as new techniques, meditations and practices that my guides have taught me over the years.

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