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Soul Retrieval Ceremony,

Extraction Of Harmful Blockages & Energies & Spirit Guide Retrieval Ceremony (all included in the Soul Retrieval Session work)

Also may include Ancestral / Junk DNA Energy Healing


This work is done when a person (or family/roommates living in the same place etc.) has some kind of energy imbalance or spiritual intrusion in their living or working space.  

**This work can only be done for a person who either lives, rents or otherwise has permission by the land owner or person who is renting to do this**




The healing work I do is done by what is called "distance healing".    

What that means is that no matter where you are in the world, we can still work together.  We communicate via Zoom, online and the work is done from the comfort of your home or chosen place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the healing.

For more details please see "HOW SHAMANIC WORK CAN HELP YOU"

How Does This Work Help People?


Say you are considering a career change, feel stuck or want to change some aspect of your life like a new relationship, a health issue or something like that.

Despite your best efforts, for some reason you don’t seem to be able to get any traction on actually bringing what we want most into your life. It can be so frustrating, we see others having those things in their lives but we just cannot seem to get there ourselves. When that happens, it is easy to blame one’s self and the litany of negative beliefs and thoughts can really take the wind from our sails.

Shamanic healing can really help you get a strong foundation, a place from which to build these things that really matter to you into your life, even if you have struggled in the past. 


The Shamanic extraction and energy clearing helps to remove the energetic blockages and thought patterns, cellular memories etc. that have been acting like a virus in the system software of your manifestations that has been constantly running in the background, interfering with the things you want coming into your reality as well as the general flow of your life.

These ‘viruses’ run counter to our best intentions and subtly sabotage our ability to form lasting change and establish enduring good habits.

Shamanic work helps to have a much easier flow in life to seal off and heal places where a person in essence ‘bleeds’ or loses energy to something even though they may want it, there is no real purchase on which to really build whatever that is in your life.


There are other tools in the Shamanic Toolkit. There is also the powerful Soul Retrieval Process, which restores and healing of old wounds that have made a negative imprint on a person’s spirit. 

When we go through overwhelming traumatic events, according to the teachings of Core Shamanism (which is what I practice), something called “Soul Fragmentation” occurs. What that means, when a person experiences something overwhelming that the psyche cannot cope with like (for example) a near-death experience in a car accident, a near-drowning, some kind of abuse or the like – the energy of that experience is literally torn out from their being, encapsulated and then stored in one of several places so that someday, when the person is ready for it, it can be healed and returned to them.

All of us have experienced some form of  trauma in our lives and in past lives as well. These energies are imprinted on the soul are carried with us across lifetimes, until they are healed.

When our energy is scattered like that, it spins out of us and our. When our energy is scattered or is being leaked out we do not have the solidity for sustainable, change or clear direction and our ability to manifest things we want simply dissipates out into space around us.

The Soul Retrieval Ceremony serves to restore the energy lost during those experiences and also bring wisdom and spiritual growth.  

Soul Retrievals also help to plug the energetic ‘holes’ in a person and the more it is done, the more and more powerful the psyche, the spiritual and mental integrity becomes within that person.  This process was what really helped me to recover from the severe illness I went through – by giving me a powerful framework and structural integrity on which to rebuild myself.

This integrity returns to us the internal strength, stability and energy to move past what we could not do before, past addictions and to do so with purpose, power and passion. 

Our dreams and desires need to have a solid core on which to build and Soul Retrieval work is a powerful way to establish or further solidify that core. When you build that strong place within yourself so you can make better decisions, more in alignment with what you really want. A place of inner strength and resolve that may have not been available to you before.

What happens in this form of soul-level healing, does so on a very deep level and over time, begins in the Spiritual then progresses to the mental/emotional and eventually out into the physical reality of the client. It helps restore our free and healthy flow of energy as vibrant, living beings.

Shamanic healing is very powerful and is not something that one enters into lightly. It is a deep, transformational process for those committed to really going for their dreams, for finding their purpose and clearing away whatever stands in their way.


The Spirit Guide Retrieval is a ceremony where we discover and bring into your energy systems, Spiritual Guides that are most able to help you at this moment in your life’s journey. Some refer to them as Spirit or Animal Totems.

What their function is, is to bring a frequency of awareness that is needed in your spiritual/psychological and at times even physical makeup. 

They help us learn about parts of ourselves we may have been neglecting or that we need to build and incorporate into our lives, especially at this point in your journey.  Some of them stay with us and others come and go as they are needed.

To give an example, a client of mine once was struggling with what she wanted to do in her life and to gain perspective on what was really going on around her in her relationship. During the ceremony, a Spirit Guide came in the form of an Great Horned Owl. The ability to tap into the soul's power to in essence 'fly above' the situations one is dealing with and see them from a new perspective. 

The Owl is renowned for it's incredible hearing as well as vision in the darkness. When we work with Owl Medicine, we are able to see and 'hear' what others are trying to hide. Owls hold great wisdom and are also powerful in cultivating one's intuition.

The more she researched the Owl the more she was able to understand its specific meaning for her.  She was able, during meditation, to surrender to what it had to say to her and then to make the correct and balanced decisions she was being guided to in her life.

The intention I hold for my clients is to help empower them to become self-guided, self-reliant and even more self-loving so they grow in their intuition and self-guidance and go on to live their lives passionately and full-out, contributing to the world in whatever they desire most. 

I want to help them even more clearly, find their inner compass so they can more successfully navigate the course of their lives from a spirit-driven place and with Grace and ease. 

My Story


Hello, my name is Anja "Miraclewalker" Sagan.

The darkest part of my journey (what led to my doing Shamanic work) started after six years in a dead-end, mind-numbing job I hated. 

The place was toxic, it was work I loathed doing and I would have done almost anything to find happiness, purpose and flavor in my life again. 

Desperate for change, I was drawn into a "spiritual community" that at first seemed to be the answer to my prayers.

We were told that we were at the vanguard of human consciousness, heroes at the front lines, defending the entire world against this 'attack' of all these demons, monsters etc. that were constantly trying to control the world.

Between 2000 - 2005 I was a part of that community and it turned out to be a cult. The only reason I left, was because I became severely mentally ill. 

I had a total mental breakdown at work and was completely incapacitated.

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, acute anxiety disorder and severe depression.

I spent six years in nearly total isolation (leaving my apartment mainly just to see the psychiatrist) as well as three times being institutionalized in a closed psychiatric ward.

I had voices in my head constantly, and chief among them was this one voice that kept repeating the words, "You are a suicide". 

While I never attempted or contemplated actual suicide, I did something the cult leader warned everyone never to do. 

In the paranoid, fear-based protocols & practices of that cult, there were a host of mental projections we had to constantly focus on and maintain in order to fend off this constant "attack" from supposed malevolent forces that were constantly trying to annihilate us. 

During the mental breakdown, I willingly released my protective energy 'shields' and opened myself to the forces of darkness.

I had become so weak after all the mind-control and fear that I got to the point where I simply couldn't keep those 'shields' and meditative practices up and I left myself at the mercy of all those ‘demons and monsters’. In essence, I had given my soul over to the 'Devil'. 

It was that spiritual "suicide" that the cult leader had said was the one thing no-one could ever escape from, that they would be damned to live in hell eternally after that.  I was cautioned by several people in the cult that if I did not keep up with the work we were supposed to do, I would become an ‘energy vampire’. I was so open to suggestion that I believed them and as a result, that is what I was (believed I was) doomed to be for the rest of my life.

I spent seven years locked in that mental prison, living in isolation, from 2005 - -2011. 

Then, after a crazy, brief relationship during that time, I found out I was pregnant.

I became desperate, because it was not just me and my problems anymore. This beautiful child deserved to have a mother, and one who could love him & play with him the way he deserved. One he would not be frightened to introduce to his friends. 

I tried everything I could get my hands on to get better, but nothing worked.

I moved to a new apartment and my new superintendent took me under her wing, despite my protestations that I would drain her energy. She became a dear friend and later moved in with us for a while to help me cope with taking care of my son during all of this. 

At the lowest point, when the psychiatric medications and all the forms of therapy they could offer had failed, they suggested electroshock therapy (now called Electro Convulsive Therapy or ECT). 

I had vowed because of my son, that I would do everything I could to get better, so I had agreed to the treatment.

Then, on the morning around 6:30 am on the day of my first ECT treatment, I sat alone in the activity room of the mental hospital. The duty nurse had been kind enough to let me sit there as I was extremely anxious and didn’t want to keep the woman I shared the room with, awake.

I was terrified about what might happen to me.

I began to cry and I pray for strength to make it through and then suddenly, all the voices in my head just stopped. I was so shocked, those voices had been with me literally for years. “What on Earth is going on here?” I thought to myself.

Then, a disembodied female voice, that sounded like she was standing right next to me, said, "No. This (ECT therapy) is not for you. Find a Shamanic healer."

I just looked around me in astonishment. Then, I had an impulse to call my roommate who was looking after my son and told her the amazing thing that had just happened.

I declined the treatment and my friend helped me find a Shamanic healer. I began working with him in 2011 and by 2012 I had sufficiently recovered to study with him and become a Shamanic healer myself. 

I had vowed at the moment I started feeling better that I would learn this work and help others.

Through all of these experiences, I was able to build this immense passion, power and zeal for life, no matter what is going on. I began to embrace life as this immensely sacred gift. All these experiences allowed me to build the power and ability to move through my deepest fears to realize the life I was created to live, and help others to do the same.

My Books, Articles & Sacred Poetry

My Memoir "Beyond Medicine" is in the process of being written! This is the story of how I 

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When All The Questions Have Been Asked

I have swum the depths

Seeking the meaning of “Me”, the “One I Am Supposed To Be”

I have come through the midnight zone in the deepest abyss

Miles beneath the oceans of consciousness

To touch only sandy bottom

What “I” am 

Indeed what we all are

Is fathomless

Ever shifting



On the edge of the evolutionary advance

Standing on these grains of sand

The wisdom of all those who have gone before us

Those whose lives interwove with ours even in this lifetime

However briefly

Sometimes cataclysmically 

Help us to break open 

The superficial, ephemeral shell

And thus frees the glorious shining magnificence of the Soul

We break the surface tension 

And pass through that which we once believed defined us

Revealing ultimate Truth

We are the emptiness and the all-ness 

Of the infinity of the Godhead

That Most Beloved Of All Beloveds

That which cannot be concretized or quantified by mortal mind

As all our questions fall away

We move beyond Yin and Yang

To become pure being 

Beyond duality

Yielding to the moment beyond moments life and love beyond mortal understanding

Living and breathing in miracles as the immensity of Divine Source Itself 

Embodied and formless

Yet One.   


Anja Miraclewalker,  August, 2016


The Sacred Journey, building prosperity & having fun along the way

Our Sacred Journey, creating prosperity and having fun along the way